Interview with Qari Yousef Ahmadi, Taliban Spokesman

What’s your opinion of the negotiations between Taliban and National Front?
I can tell you that the National Front is the same as the foreigners in this country. It is very difficult to negotiate with them. We don’t want to negotiate with National Front until the foreign forces leave Afghanistan. Karzai supported the National Front in negotiating with the Taliban. Karzai is like a figurehead and he takes his power from the US. But in this country there is corruption, fighting everything. So why doesn’t he stop these things? He is like the second Shah Shujah.

What’s your opinion of the Mujeddedi commission?
Mujaddedi’s commission is in name only. He is only acting when he talks about bringing in the Taliban. He’s with America and Karzai as well. They are sick and being kept alive be US money. They keep saying we will shoot the Taliban. On the one hand they say that Pakistan supports Taliban. On the other hand they that the Afghan people don’t have any interest with or in the Taliban. So how can I join with someone who says this?

If National Front come to an agreement with you will you stop fighting?
We want only Islamic law. And we will support Islam always. Rabbani said: Bomb the Taliban, so how can I join with the National Front? We will never negotiate with anyone, not with the National Front, not with Karzai, not with Mujaddedi, not anyone. They are not Muslim, they do bad things and they are not moral. They brought the foreigners here, so what difference is there between them and foreigners? We are not ready to negotiate with anyone until foreigners leave Afghanistan.

What is the difference between National Front and Karzai?

There’s no difference between Karzai, the National Front, and foreigners. When the foreigners came and said “Muslims are our brothers” Then why don’t they change their religion? They should follow Muslim laws.

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2 Responses to “Interview with Qari Yousef Ahmadi, Taliban Spokesman”

  1. I’ve been sitting here reading your articles, along with a few others. They all seem to be pretty well one sided. If it were up to the Taliban and a few of the Tribal Chieftains in the
    country of Afghanistan the people who are just trying to get by and feed their families ………….Insh’Alla……………………..
    would stay on the borderline of of the stone age; And living off of the backs of the people who cannot defend themselves. They can barely eke a living out of the hardscrabble countryside.
    Unless, you’ve got some good land for cultivating poppies for the Opium trade.
    Such fine, and goodhearted people are just being used up and kicked to the side of the road when “who ever happens to have the weapons” ; to force their will on the people, does just
    that ! Ps. I just hope that the Afghan are given a chance to decide what’s good for their Country, and them!!! tom357freedom

  2. Is it true that the Taliban has claimed responsibility for murdering that woman rights activist? Is it true that the Taliban were negotiating with the US oil companies before 9/11 since the Americans wanted the rights to build the oil pipeline? Did bin Laden or the Taliban every accept responsibility for 9/11 other than that video that didn’t look like bin Laden?