Yet Another Reason Why Indian News Is Awful

If there’s one rule of thumb when reading the Indian press, it is this: never believe a word it says.  At least when it comes to Paksitan.  The Times of India recently carried a real doozy, titled: Pakistani ISI Top Boss Met Osama Aide, which itself was based on “reporting” from the TV station TimesNow.

The report states that ISI officials met with Siraj Haqqani, leader of the Haqqni network, a prominent Afghan insurgent group. “Highly placed intelligence sources”

said that the subject of discussion in the meeting was the shifting of Haqqanis operations from North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) in Pakistan to Afghanistan in exchange for ceasefire with Pakistan army and to halt military operations if the Haqqanis moves their operations from the NWFP into Afghanistan.

Another topic was the construction of the Khost-Gardez road being built by Indian company in Afghanistan. The ISI urged Haqqanis to sabotage efforts by the Indian government to help Afghanistan government to build the Khost-Gardez road.

Let’s give TimesNow the benefit of the doubt and assume that by “highly placed intelligence sources” they mean on the Indian side, not the ISI! The article says that the ISI was trying to get the Haqqanis to shift operations from NWFP to Afghanistan, which is absurd on many levels:

1) The Haqqanis have never operated in NWFP. No one has even accused them of this.  The Haqqanis operate out of Waziristan, which is in FATA, not NWFP.

2) They are trying to convince the Haqqanis to focus on Afghanistan–which is the only place they’ve ever directed attacks! There has never been a recorded instance of the Haqqanis attacking inside Pakistan.

3) They want a ceasefire with the Haqqanis–but the Haqqanis are not fighting with Pakistan! There has never been any record of the Haqqinis ever fighting with Pakistan. The author of the article might be confusing Haqqani with Baitullah Mehsud and the Pakistani Taliban.

This all is as absurd as saying India had a secret meeting with the Tamil Tigers to convince them to stop fighting in India and direct their fire against the Sri Lankan government.

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